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Cyberchump is available on Cyberchump, and directly here


  The Construction of Things - Dub meets Neo-Cosmic Aural Sculpture.

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Flutter and Flow - A mix of driving cinematic ambient soundscapes and science beats.

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A Gaian Fable.  An Interactive Concept Double CD that travels from groove psytronica to cinematic stillness.

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  Dr. Mark Eberhage & Cyberchump collaborate on this progressive relaxation program.  Learning how to slip into blissful relaxation.

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Laptop tweaker, Janzyk, remixes, re-envisions and reworks the first two Cyberchump albums.

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Our Wizards of Earth: Endlessly searching for new territory, the Chumps have crafted an album from impromptu jams that draws on elements of guitar-driven post-rock, Krautrock, and electronic-organic downtempo chill.  

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Sankhara: the second ambient release.  Fragments of fragile melodies amid beatless soundscapes that explore our inner and outer lives. 

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  OM Records is releasing selected cyberCHUMP tracks on their Discovery Series. The releases are available on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, MSN, Yahoo and Beatport. The first of these releases is Karmic Buzz which is on OM:Discovery Downtempo, Volume 1 featuring a wide variety of chill grooves.
  The title track from cyberCHUMP's Abstract Air has been released on the Spiralight Ambient Compilation entitled, Ambienism Volume One. "Abstract Air" is a beaut. Minimal bell tones reverberate endlessly against a series of calming electronics that blanket the boundaries of the soundfield. An accordian comes and goes, almost and it's as if we were strolling in Paris at night. This track reminds me of Darshan Ambient's pastoral ambient work."

- Wind and Wire
  cyberCHUMP contributed "Boogie Caravan" to this project. Magnanimous Records provided source samples by which a number of invited artists built songs. The resulting pieces have been collected on M2 - Reconstructions available though Magnanimous Records. An alternative "Stratosphere Mix" of Boogie Caravan is available on cyberCHUMP's Secrets to Tell You.

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